Advertise to 700M online user in China with Baidu Pay Per View

Why Baidu Pay Per Click?

  • Baidu is the No. 1 search engine in China and has around 80% market share.
  • Like Google Adwords, with Baidu PPC, you only pay when potential Chinese customers click on your ads.
  • Steps to set up an account with Baidu

  • Baidu put in place a manual screening process to ensure that your business is a valid legal entity and provides products, services that are legal in China.
  • Please submit a copy of your company registration certificate and the URL of your website to us.
  • Regulated sectors such as Airlines, Travel Agents, Finance, Banking and Pharmaceuticals may require additional documentation.
  • We verify that your site follows all Baidu guideline and can be accessed within China
  • On your behalf we submit the application and supporting documents to Baidu, including all required official translations by Baidu authorized agent, and guide you through any additional requests by Baidu.
  • Once account is approved and created by Baidu, we send you the login and detailed instruction for accessing your account. Marketing campaign can now start
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