We help you to effectively advertise to 700 million China online users  through the most dominating search engine, Baidu Pay Per Click!

Only Pay for Results Chinese Marketing

With Baidu Pay Per Click, like Google Adwords, you can set your daily Baidu advertisement budget and change it whenever you want. And you only pay when potential Chinese customers click on your ads. Baidu PPC is the most cost effective tool for your marketing in China.

Speedy, Hassle-free Baidu Account Setup and Chinese marketing campaign

From submission of all documents required by Baidu to the start of your Chinese Pay Per Click marketing campaign, we set up most of the Baidu advertising accounts in a week. Our experts handhold you through the entire process. No language barrier and no homework necessary.

Lots of Experience in Baidu SEM, SEO & Great Services

We got top talents in Chinese SEM and SEO to advertise your business to Chinese. We have helped hundreds of businesses on their marketing in China. We know Baidu advertising platform inside out that qualify us to server your Chinese marketing needs.
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Leverage iAd-China best-in-class SEM talents to grow your customers in China

Deep Knowledge, Excellent Services & Much More!

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